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New Beginnings

There’s a feeling in the air in September of new beginnings. New school year, Broadway season, and for us a new Graduate School Intern, whom we are hiring using a free internship posting on SelectLeaders Job Network, where intern job postings are always free. Which got me thinking, “Does a Graduate degree secure success?” “Fortune” just reported 3 out of 10 billionaires (29.9%) had no degree in 2015 (down from 35% in 2014). 35%, of the 70% of billionaires who earned a Bachelor’s degree, also earned a Masters or MBA degree. A degree is a solid start, but those that succeed, degree or not, always have one thing in common, lifetime learning, because of never-ending curiosity to learn more or something completely new. A never-ending education is the one and only guarantee to success, whether you learn in degrees, or not. What are you going to learn next?

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