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Virtuous Circle

New Year’s Eve makes one reflective, and after a decade in business, the SelectLeaders Network has watched job seekers become employers, and with 5% of our jobs paying over $200,000, employers become job seekers. A young man called to have his candidate account deleted because he was starting a Fund. We told him his first hire was on us. We watched you move up in your careers, and you took us with you. A client who uses ProSelect, our online Executive Search service, moved to another firm, who just called to try it. At Professional Association Conferences and Career Fairs we met “Young Leaders” – who today are speaking at the same conferences sharing the secrets to their success. We also talk to people who are about to give up applying – I wouldn’t. 2015 looks like it will be an exceptional year – may it bring us all health, joy and true success

Susan Phillips, CEO SelectLeaders
December 31, 2014

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