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Canned Over Social Media

Our insurance provider just sent a newsletter titled, “5 Cases of Employees Getting Canned Over Social Media.” They obviously want employers to know liability extends beyond what employees do on their work computers, and how what they put on their personal Social Media can impact their employer. The article sited a Founder of a Company that made a joke about a serious incident. It was in terrible taste, yet obviously a joke. He had to resign from the company and their Board. Another employee was fired for complaining on Social Media about his employer, and another one for complaining about how cheap their customers were. Apparently, a picture is not only worth 1000 words, it can get you fired if you take a picture at work without permission and put it on Instagram. Unfortunately, the medium is the message. You don’t get a lot of followers unless you put up something edgy or unexpected or funny. Hartford suggests that all employers have a Social Media Policy and have their employees read and sign it.

Susan Phillips, CEO SelectLeaders
August 25, 2015

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